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Bars for Sale


With the summer just around the corner, Perth Party Bars is selling off a few of last seasons favorites to make room for more builds. More on offer soon. Pick one of these up for the cost of a 3 or 4 day hire!!

As all bars are locally hand built here in Perth, usually one at a time, there are only a limited number for sale. They will be posted and removed (archived) here as they come and go. 

Now you can own your own unique, one-off home bar and turn your space into a permanent holiday destination!





the Boatwood Bar. 

***for SALE 600***

Dimensions: (roof off) 113 cm wide / 70cm deep / 196cm high.

(roof on)  152 cm wide / 100cm deep / 217cm high

Balinese Thatched Roof with Soft White overhead LED lighting

Under-bar LED lighting with full colour spectrum and controllable fade / cycle modes. Lights up the feature "boatwood" giving your bar that extra effect.

Two matching bar stools.

Inside shelves are removable to fit esky, small beer fridge or keg.

Thatched roof is fire retardant and all timber is treated with several coats of a marine grade finish.

Requires a single powerpoint as lights are controlled with 2 rocker switches.


Sold Bars

Tikis from the past. Missed out on one of these beauties? I can do custom builds! Lets talk Tikis! 

the Malibu Bar (SOLD)

Fire Bar (SOLD)