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Bars for Sale


With the summer just around the corner, Perth Party Bars is selling off a few of last seasons favorites to make room for more builds. More on offer soon. Pick one of these up for the cost of a 3 or 4 day hire!!

As all bars are locally hand built here in Perth, usually one at a time, there are only a limited number for sale. They will be posted and removed (archived) here as they come and go. 

Now you can own your own unique, one-off home bar and turn your space into a permanent holiday destination!





the Retro Tiki. - $500    

Dimensions: (roof off) 113 cm wide / 70cm deep / 196cm high.

(roof on)  152 cm wide / 100cm deep / 217cm high

Tiki with a 60’s twist!

Oak stain on yellow. Lots of carvings in the Witco Tiki theme.

As always, it has full colour spectrum LED lighting under the bar base , built in controller with fade / cycle modes.

Soft amber rope lights run up the bar posts.

Great addition to any 60’s – 70’s themed party!

Sold Bars

Tikis from the past. Missed out on one of these beauties? I can do custom builds! Lets talk Tikis! 

the Boatwood Bar - (SOLD)

the Malibu Bar (SOLD)

Fire Bar (SOLD)

the Beach Bar (SOLD)