Perth Party Bars

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Bars for Hire

Each bar has a detatchable roof for transport and delivery. Dimensions for both (roof off) and fully set up (roof on) are included with each bar listing.

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Notice: Cannot take anymore bookings as I am moving overseas and wrapping this little business up. All remains bars are up for sale for the cost of a 3 night hire! Crazy Bargain!
Happy to arrange a viewing!

the Tiki Bar. 250 overnight hire     

Dimensions:    (roof off) 187 cm wide / 82cm deep / 205cm high.    (roof on)  228 cm wide / 170cm deep / 230cm high

Burnt timber, split branch and bamboo. Hand carved Tiki Totem Faces. 

Internal LED lights  with full colour spectrum and programmable flash /fade modes. Soft overhead lighting.  Candle nooks over Tiki gods.  There are two of these bars available with subtle differences. 2 stools available.

Popular bars providing an entirely unique atmosphere. A must see!

the Haunted Island Tiki. 300 overnight hire  

Dimensions: (roof off) 187 cm wide / 82cm deep / 205cm high.

(roof on)  228 cm wide / 170cm deep / 230cm high

Insanely Awesome Bar! Gimmicks Galore! Faux Stone with bone frame. Black thatched roof. Separatly controllable internal and external LED lights.

Flaming cauldron lights / Real split coconut lights. Internal smoke machine blasts smoke from its nostrils!

DO NOT UPSET THE TIKI GOD! (comes with full tank of liquid fog)

the Retro Tiki. 200 overnight hire    

Dimensions: (roof off) 113 cm wide / 70cm deep / 196cm high.

(roof on)  152 cm wide / 100cm deep / 217cm high

Tiki with a 60’s twist!

Oak stain on yellow. Lots of carvings in the Witco Tiki theme.

As always, it has full colour spectrum LED lighting under the bar base , built in controller with fade / cycle modes.

Soft amber rope lights run up the bar posts.

Great addition to any 60’s – 70’s themed party!

More Bars Available Soon!

(under various stages of construction)

Decorations and Bar Accessories.

Add "Extras" onto your bar hire to top off your theme!  Subject to availability.

the BEACH BAR extras package

the Beach Bar extras package. ($50)

Boat shaped Liquor Rack.

Side table with pineapple carved Tiki torch (glow-thru LED lighting)

2 Tiki Totems

2 hand carved Tiki torches

Famous beaches sign with candle lanterns.

Whiskey barrel plank serving tray.



the TIKI BAR extras package

the Tiki Bar extras package. ($50)

Canoe shaped liquor rack.

Two hand carved Tiki torches.

Tiki head garden stool.

2 Tiki Totems.

Whiskey barrel plank serving tray.


Glowing Tiki Heads. (Pair)

Handmade faux bamboo, internally lit totems!
Place on ground or hang from wall or tree. 

1.1 metres tall. Requires power point.

$15 for pair


Tiki Surfboard with Torches

$10 add on

2 mounted tiki torches.

(Included with Retro-Tiki Bar)