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everything ya need to know.

Are the Tiki Bars for sale?

Sometimes, but probably not the one you hired. Some bars (rentals) are built with 100% upcycled materials meaning they would not stand up to many seasonal changes (sloppy wet winters followed by scorching bone-dry summers) if kept outside.

Bars that are for sale have been built  with premium quality wood for the bar tops and treated with a marine grade finish.  These can certainly hold their own in the elements but I still recommend keeping them covered during the winter months. However no amount of treatment will make the wood completely immune to fluctuating moisture content, keeping them out of direct rain will, (like anything made with wood) save you some heartache.

The Law of Entropy.

The bars are not for sale to commercial or hire companies – however lease options are available.


Do you do all the Tiki carvings on the bars?

Yes, and I still have most of all my fingers!

Can you custom build a Tiki bar for me?

Can do! Though I do not do on-site builds . All custom builds will need to be transportable and not hardwired or plumbed into  your  house/venue.  But if you have a grand idea of what you’d like…let’s talk!

What is your cancellation policy for a Tiki bar hire?

Weather sucks? Bummer man…no penalty for weather cancellations. Otherwise please let me know if you’ve called it off for any other reason as soon as you can. I’m not a stickler on this.

Do you deliver bars to Woop Woop?

How far is Woop Woop? Delivery/Pick up is included in the hire price for anywhere within a 45 minute drive from Karrinyup. Negotiable beyond that.

Oh Crap! The Tiki Bar got damaged! WHat now?

The bars are well built and sturdy, but accidents can happen. Most mishaps can be repaired or replaced quite easily using the same upcycled material. Again, I’m not a stickler on this, if the fix is simple I won’t charge. However if there is substantial damage (especially to the bar top, roof or LED lights) I will charge for materials and estimate time to repair ($25 per hour). Lost LED controllers cost $25…but have velcro attachments to the bar to keep them from wandering off in a rum fuelled daze.

Can I pick up / drop off the Tiki bar myself?

I prefer not because they are heavy and awkward to move. But there have been times when they are hired for a party as far away as Jurien Bay or Busselton...There is always room to negotiate a fair deal. Though a deposit and copy of ID will be required

What time do you drop off / pick up the party bars?

Negotiable. But I try to deliver as early in the day as possible and give you enough time to sleep it off before I come-a-knockin’ the next day. If you are having a surprise party I am certainly flexible with drop off times.

Do you offer discounts for multi-day bar hires?

Yep. There is always room to cut a good deal, but during peak season (Oct – April) I will need to charge full price for both Friday and Saturday nights, and holidays.

Can I come see the bars for hire?

You bet!! Happy to arrange a viewing time. I am located in Karrinyup. I recommend coming by in the evening to see them all lit up. The pictures just don’t do them justice!

Do the bars for hire come stocked?

For these prices are you kidding me? Nope, BYO is in effect.

Do the bars for hire come staffed?

Oh you mean chaperoned? No. But there are hundreds of options available online if you would like bartenders…from tuxedos to bikinis!

What is TIKI all about anyway?

I wish I had a better answer for you…something more magical or mystical. But the truth is…after WWII many of the sailors and soldiers returning from the Pacific theatre to the U.S. started up tropical theme restaurants and bars and it snowballed from there. Yanks love a good gimmick….I know, I’m one of ‘em. Sometimes we get it right - Tiki. Other times not so much - Mad Max. - sorry about that.


What do you do with the party bars when they are not hired out?

Well the truth is, my garage is a tropical pub crawl…good fun, but hard on the liver.